Plush Toys

Primarily Fleece & Felt


Various commissioned plush creations all designed and handmade by me. All embroidery is done freehand on my trusty Bernina Record sewing machine.


The first thing my mother taught me to sew as a little girl was a simple white mouse. It was hand sewn with a very roughly embroidered pink nose. I fell in love with the idea of creating my own creatures. When I was older she taught me how to use the antique sewing machine that her grandmother (my great grandmother) taught her to sew on.

To create something real, three dimensional still seems magical to me. Plush toys themselves are special. They have always meant more than hard plastic toys. They can be protectors, confidants, accomplices, pick-me-ups and most of all friends.

These are some of the soft fleecy friends I have created for clients.

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